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How many times have you NOT been able to help a Seller market his home because you were forced to price that home to the loan balance rather than to the market price?
What if you could actually sell these homes for Full Listing Price EVEN WHEN THERE IS LITTLE OR NO EQUITY and get paid a commission on the HUD-1?

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As a mortgage broker, you come across clients who are good candidates for a loan but in today's underwriting environment you don't have a product that fits. Maybe they have had a few credit dings or they're self-employed and we know what's that like. Don't think that because we deal with owner financing and creative solutions, we must only have 'difficult' buyers. We can help with 'difficult' situations but we can also help business owners, insurance agents, real estate agents - maybe even some self-employed mortgage brokers. And if you make the referral we can get you paid on the deal right now.